What does HEALY do? ( important FAQ )

Primarily, the management of pain of any type, cause or description. Additionally, to remedy mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, poor concentration, fatigue, exhaustion, etc. That said, there are thousands of Healy frequency settings to address performance anxiety, jet lag, poor sleep, skin issues, the list seems endless

How long has HEALY been around?

For 13 years now. Everything you could possibly want to know about the team, the company, their history, the science and more is covered on their website. This is the exact same website you will receive (again, for free) when you enroll

What Do I Get when i sign up?

You get a premium replicated HEALY website that you can use to refer others (by sending them your custom links) should you choose to do so.

Why Sign Up Now? ( Important FAQ )

Right now YOU have the opportunity to enroll in the system and get a free website and be able to pre-enroll people under you should you choose to, so that when they actually launch May 1st you can have a team already in place. Should those people commit at that time to buy a Healy, you would be in receipt of instant commissions.

Can I buy Healy Package Without Signing Up? ( Important FAQ )

Healy sells through distributors only. Whether you intend to become a business builder or just a customer, you will still need to create an account with Healy, so you might as well sign up and create it now.

Am i Required to buy anything after sign Up?

NO! There is no commitment to buy anything or to enroll anyone else, either now or ever. If you decline to purchase a unit when HEALY launches in USA, you will simply be removed from the database.

How big can the Healy Business Opportunity Become?

Probably massive since:

  • Health results are stunning and obtained quickly (the testimonials are truly amazing)
  • Healy is the only manufacturer to offer this wearable technology at the mass consumer level
  • They have no real competition at this price point.
  • This has international potential since Healy is already operating in numerous other countries