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HEALY customers are the committed users of healy products and frequencies  who have purchased a product package on the recommendation of an existing customer or Healy World Member. 

Healy shop is filled with all Healy products and available for purchase for anyone from anywhere in the world. All you have to do to buy a Healy and become a customer is to Register (See below for instructions)

Healy customers enjoy Direct Bonus which is paid out for the corresponding customer revenue as long as you do not want to take advantage of the business opportunity – such customers are assigned to the person who referred them.

There are also attractive customer referral programs for Healy customers to receive further benefits.

Over 500,000 Users

More than 500,000 applications on clients and patients with TimeWaver and Healy technology and know-how

2,200 Medical Practitioners

More than 2,000 doctors, healing practitioners and therapists are treating their patients using TimeWaver technology

Already In Use In Over 40 countries

TimeWaver Information Field technology has been successfully used in more than 40 countries

FDA Cleared wellness Device


  • Direct Bonus is paid on a weekly basis. The applied percentage depends on the Healy product package currently owned by the Healy World Member carrying between 30%-40%. (see percentage and packages below)
  • Every Healy World Member may purchase an upgrade at any time until they own the highest product package and qualify for the highest commision rate.
  • This bonus is paid on the total point volume of personally referred customers and Healy World Members.
  • For Healy World Members who do not own a Healy Package, a percentage of 8% is applied for Direct Bonus
  • There is no earnings cap for the payment of Direct Bonus.


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